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    Avery Enterprises provides quiz bowl questions in absolutely any format –because we’ve written for all the major formats at least once already! Whether you play quizbowl, Knowledge Bowl, Science Bowl, Scholastic Bowl, Academic Bowl, academic competition or anything else, let Avery Enterprises provide what you need to both challenge and entertain your quiz bowl players !

    Free sample quiz bowl questions from Avery Enterprises reflect both the variety of quiz bowl formats worldwide and the ages/grades of quizbowl players. Contact us to request free samples for your students’ age!

    Order quiz bowl questions for your league/tournament/event (including sets for gifted/talented students and Science Bowl tournament sets that help students prepare for America’s National Science Bowl) and explore our catalog to see the many products we offer for weekly quiz bowl practice sessions (including a weekly quiz bowl subscription set of questions during the school year and Common Core question sets for elementary school math).


    Our quizbowl business naturally branches into other areas of academic writing, including writing of test items and other educational assessment products. Call or e-mail us for a free consultation on how we can help you with your academic writing needs!

    Learn more about Avery Enterprises, including our educational assessment and tutoring services.

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