Fact Mountain

Our partners at Foothills Education have created a series of Fact Mountain apps that help quizbowl players, AP students and others learn a set of basic facts in a given subject quicker and better than any other study aid on the market today!

For detailed info, go to the Fact Mountain website.

Get iPhone versions of our apps from Apple by logging on to iTunes or Googling “Fact Mountain iTunes”. Make sure to find all of our academic apps, plus the one for LDS mission preparation! Look for our Android announcements on the Fact Mountain website as they happen!



U.S. Presidents (from Washington to Obama) $3.99
Great Paintings (48 works from Giotto to “American Gothic”) $3.99
Russian Literature (36 works from Pushkin to Yevtushenko) $3.99
19th-Century American Literature (36 works) $3.99
19th-Century British Literature (36 works) $3.99
Buy all 5 apps above and get 1 free! $15.99
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