Illinois /IESA Scholastic Bowl

If you just heard that we bought Questions Galore and that we are the writer for the IESA State Scholastic Bowl Series, you are correct–and you have come to the right place!

First, order this year’s free IESA Scholastic Bowl sample questions. We have both an ES set and an MS/IESA set of samples.

Next, use this page to order what you need:

For credit card orders, please use the PayPal cart below (you will get 2 receipts: one from PayPal, and one from us that you can use for reimbursement if needed). Ensure the e-mail address you give PayPal is where you want your materials emailed. You can also phone us at the number below with your credit card info.

To use a purchase order, e-mail us the PO #, and what you need. Invoices for subscriptions/weekly practice sets are emailed soon after order, and subscriptions start when payment arrives. Invoices for regular-season games will arrive with your materials by email; just drop the invoice off with your bookkeeper.


Recent Events Challenge, Winter 2017 (week of Jan. 23, 2017, the first week of the IESA season) (50 questions in 1 hour) (no PO’s for this, sorry) $11
Basic (middle school) Subscription Set (similar to QG “weeklies”) (20 weeks, the whole year) $99
Half-Subscription (10 weeks, beginning Jan. 18, 2017) $59


We have 50 games available for 2016-17 (besides the State Series), but each school can only order up to 25; this way, you can still play your neighbor who orders the other 25. If paying by credit card below, the “quantity” comes up after clicking Add to Cart, so put the number you want there.

Please use “Contact Us” at the bottom of the screen to email us the name of your school, and a list of the schools you’re playing against. If the number of opponents is not equal to the number of games you’re ordering, please note which teams/games you will be providing questions for. This will help prevent duplicates.

Games will be sent shortly before your school starts play. Please phone to ask about the status of your order only if your first game is less than a week from today.

2016-17 IESA Middle School Regular Season Games (up through 8th grade)
(24 tossups, 20 4-part bonuses)
$35 (max 25)
2016-17 IESA Elementary School Regular Season Games (6th grade and below)
(24 tossups, 20 4-part bonuses)
$35 (max 25)