COVID-19 Challenge Rules


1) All participating coaches certify that they are at least 21 years old, that all students are enrolled full-time at their school, and that Avery Enterprises is not liable if anyone playing in this event contracts COVID-19 from it.

2) All students must be part of the school’s quiz team and must be online in the same meeting throughout the competition. There is no limit to how many students can participate at the same time, but only one answer sheet will be accepted per school for contest purposes; if you divide into multiple teams, you must grade those teams’ answers yourself when the answer sheet is released.

3) Students have 60 consecutive minutes, in one online meeting anytime during this week, to collaborate in answering the questions, tiebreaker and extra credit (you can’t go for 30 minutes and then use the other 30 minutes later, etc.) Each question is worth 1 point. Coaches will forbid all helps not used in a typical quizbowl game (no calculators, no help from adults, no Internet checking to find answers, no reference materials, etc.). Note that password-protecting a Zoom meeting usually prevents outside “Zoom-bombing” with inappropriate outside material.

4) Coaches may not help with specific answers but may give general help (“last name of a person is enough”, “you have 5 minutes left, so start checking answers now”, “guess if you have no idea”, etc.)

5) Coaches may forward the link with the question set to each place where students are gathered but tell them not to open it yet. Please read the second page aloud to students. The clock starts when any student first sees the actual questions. You will e-mail your answer sheet to us, so either A) hit “reply” to our message and start typing or B) make a separate file to type into and then copy it as a message or attachment. Ensure your school’s name, city, state and coach’s name are in the message, ensure that all answers are numbered, and be sure to answer the tiebreaker and extra credit. Then e-mail us the answers and keep a copy.

6) Deadline for all answers is Friday evening of the competition week. After all tests are received, they will be corrected, and you will be given a link to the answers and results.


1) Choose a team member to type the answers on a computer.

2) You have one hour to answer all questions and the tiebreaker and extra credit and check your work. The clock starts when you first see the questions. You must stay in the online meeting for the whole time. When time is up, e-mail us your set of answers right away.

3) Work together to give answers. You may be as loud as you need to be to have your answer heard. At the end, guess if you have no idea. Pencils and paper are permitted, but you are on your honor to avoid all helps not used in a typical quizbowl game; no calculators, no help from adults, no Internet searches for answers, no reference materials, etc. are allowed. Your coach may give general help (“last name of a person is usually enough”, “you have 5 minutes left, so start checking answers now”, “guess if you have no idea”, etc.) Questions are each worth 1 point.

4) Questions are divided into topics typically covered in quizbowl (social studies, language arts, science, math, fine arts, sports and entertainment, etc.), plus a few on COVID-19, as well as a tiebreaker. Questions are not multiple choice, so your answers may be as long as needed if you feel a question is unclear.

5) General quizbowl rules apply when giving answers (i.e., only the last name is required for people in most cases). Incorrect spelling, in most cases, is not a problem unless we can’t tell what your answer is supposed to be.

6) Ensure that your coach has read the rules for coaches.