National History Bee® and National History Bowl®

Though we are not affiliated with International Academic Competitions, its National History Bee®, its National History Bowl®, its US History Bee®, or its official tournaments or products in any way, we really like them and encourage our customers to try them out.

History Bee/History Bowl

How does National History Bee work?

History Bee is a competition for individual students up through 8th grade, using the pyramidal questions common in standard quizbowl games (except all questions are history-related). Buzz when you know the answer; after a certain number of correct answers, you “win” the round of questions and get bonus points for reaching that number.

At regional tournaments, individual students compete in multiple elementary school divisions (by grade) for younger students and multiple middle school divisions (also by grade). The top players at elementary school levels are invited to the finals of the National History Bee, which begins with hundreds of players (instead of just the best two players, as in the finals of a sporting competition).

Each elementary division and middle school division has its own national championship tournament for both the National History Bee and US History Bee. Winners of these national championships may be invited to the International History Olympiad.

How does National History Bowl work?

The National History Bowl is a team history quiz competition between competing teams (consisting of 3-5 team members) of high school students, using pyramidal tossups, bonus questions, and perhaps other types of questions. At a regional tournament, the Bowl may have a junior varsity division and a varsity division.

Top teams in each division are invited to the finals of the National History Bowl, which begins with more than two teams. The junior varsity division and varsity division each have their own national championship tournament. Winners of these national championships may also be invited to the International History Olympiad.

In most cases, the championships for both History Bee and Bowl are held on the same weekend at the same location.

Why buy your Guide?

Our National History Bee®/Bowl® Study Guide allows students of all ages to study the basics of world and U.S. history, presented in an abbreviated and organized chronological way. The Guide is a short summary of two 1,000-page textbooks (one on world history and one on U.S. history) commonly used in history classes, along with a quick informational survey of the U.S. Constitution. The Guide is written in a way that encourages students to make extra notes on their own, thus helping them retain the material better. In our opinion, the Guide is even more useful than the study material put out by National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT).

A version of our Guide has been used with students who played in two divisions of the National History Bee® finals! In recent years, the Guide has contained about 80% of the answers in each History Bee tournament, so studying the entries in the Guide, on your own, will really help you succeed.

Buy one copy of our Guide and make as many copies as you need for your school !

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