Need a Patent Application?


As a registered Patent Agent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, we are happy to provide a free phone consultation to give you a general idea of what we do and how we do it. Just call us at the number on the “Contact Us” page!

If your filing date for a provisional patent application was nearly a year ago, and you’re now running out of time to get your non provisional patent application submitted, let Avery Enterprises get you done in time! Even if you already have a patent attorney and just need a technical disclosure for your patent application, let Avery Enterprises help you (while you save money on the hourly rates of patent attorneys)!

We electronically file all patent applications; once yours is filed, slap a “patent pending” notice on your invention and you’re ready to go!

More general information about patent law and patent protection is here.

Note that because patents often take years to issue, a patent application may be published before a patent examiner sees it in the Patent Office.

Electrical engineering patents we have drafted include this one for LSI Logic and this one for Advanced Energy Industries

Mechanical engineering inventions that have been patented with our applications include this motorboat device and this welding electrode holder.

If you don’t need patent help but can use a great technical writer, contact us!