Buying Questions Galore

Our purchase of Questions Galore was nearly a year in the making. You think, “How complicated can it be if all you’re buying is a quizbowl writing business? A computer–maybe– and a few computer files–maybe– and you’re done!”

Well…you have to agree on what quizbowl assets are being bought and sold, arrive at a price, ensure that your biggest new Scholastic Bowl customer feels warm and fuzzy, and balance the new writing burden so your current quizbowl customers all still get their questions on time.

Plus you have to update the 50 total pages on your website , your e-mail list, your catalog for the year, and your buzzer affiliate . And a few other things I forget now.

It’s not rocket science, or even a STEM class, perhaps. But it was still a lot of work.

Fortunately, Questions Galore was great and made the transition about as easy as it could have been.

The only thing they couldn’t do is ensure that all of their old quizbowl customers came along for the ride–but they did as much as they could even for that.

So if you tried Questions Galore in the past, try us out now! We will accommodate you as much as we possibly can and look forward to your joining our large worldwide client list that already includes the U.S., Brazil and Albania(!).

And if you didn’t know they played quizbowl in Albania–well, until they ordered our subscription set, I didn’t know either.