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Besides quiz bowl and Science Bowl, school districts offer academic competitions within gifted education for gifted and talented students.

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Why use academic competitions to challenge gifted talented students?

Because many gifted learners are bored at school! Gifted students get homework done quickly (in class!), and then often stir up the class by getting other students to not do their classwork, or by creating hate and discontent about the assignment itself.

But if gifted students can play a game, by themselves or as part of a team within a gifted education program, against someone their same age, age group or grade level (or older and in a higher grade/higher level) as smart as they are, their academic ability can be channeled into something fun and useful.

Public school educators say they want students in gifted education to develop critical thinking skills, abstract thinking skills, and cognitive abilities, as well as to understand abstract ideas. Academic competition supports gifted children in these things and deepens student learning without “gifted education specialists”, teacher preparation programs, “gifted education national standards”, or a capacity to relate to talented gifted students who may be smarter than the teacher.

Academic competition also doesn’t require teachers to attend classes in advanced professional practice, advanced professional standards, current educational practices, professional development, special education, gifted education or differentiated instruction.

How do I get a quiz bowl team, or gifted talented activity, started at my school?

You don’t need a child prodigy like Little Man Tate, or a big district like New York City, to start a gifted talented program. Many schools begin by inviting gifted and talented students, those with high test scores, and those in a differentiated curriculum. A regular classroom teacher can use classroom observations to identify other exceptional students who may benefit from gifted education.

Names of these exceptional students can be given to any teacher willing to start a gifted education program. As these academically talented students compete against each other, gifted students tend to quickly weed themselves out if they’re not interested after all, or do not immediately have the high performance capability they expected.

Local education agencies, a local district, and/or a state board may include their own criteria for district programs in gifted education, or to participate in state competition.

Aren’t academic competitions good for regular students, too?

Of course! Let them reflect individuality. A student can use self-directed learning, whether on a team or not, whether considered “gifted talented” or not, whether in “gifted education” or not, to become an expert in anything. A student who is not #1 in class may still have a special talent in visual and performing arts. A team in academic competition needs experts in all subjects, so invite everyone who exhibits high performance capability in some area.

What does your company offer for gifted talented students?

Some question sets below combine the look and feel of a standardized test with the questions asked in top-level quizbowl. Other question sets allow students to study at their own pace, investigate new things, create their own gifted education programs, and become gifted students in the area of their choice by learning about events and people in their specialty.

We also provide standardized test and educational assessment materials.

Do you make custom question sets?

Every question set below was created just for one local school district! Search our site, look through the sets below, and then contact us. After your event, your local question set may be made available for others.


Sets below can be used with middle school or high school students as specified. For elementary school, contact us with more details.

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Order an academic competition set!

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English (MS or HS)
English Exam #4 (50 questions, 10 questions on each of 5 different reading passages) $69 $49
English Exam #3 (same format as #4) $69 $49
English Exam #2 (60 questions, 10 questions on each of 6 different passages) $79 $59
English Exam #1 (same format as #2) $79 $59
HS Math Math Exam Set #3 (4 sets of 31 math problems each: each set has 3 problems on each of 5 different topics, 10 “team” problems and 2 three-problem “relay” sets) $99 $69
Math Exam Set #2 (same format as #3) $99 $69
Math Exam Set #1 (same format as #3) $99 $69
Math Quizbowl Set #1 (200 quizbowl-style questions that can all be done in less than 30 seconds) $99 $79
Social Studies (MS or HS)
Social Studies Quizbowl Set #1 (100 questions–social studies only) $49 $35
Literature (MS or HS)
Literature Quizbowl Set #1 (100 questions–literature only) $49 $35
Fine Arts (MS or HS)
Fine Arts Quizbowl Set #1 (100 questions–fine arts only) $49 $35


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