Gifted and Talented

Besides quiz bowl and Science Bowl, many school districts offer academic competitions for gifted and talented students. We are pleased to provide such competition materials and invite you to let us challenge your gifted and talented students. Most of these competitions combine the look and feel of a typical standardized test with the questions asked in top-level quizbowl.

Sets below can be used with middle school or high school students as specified; if you need elementary school materials, contact us with more details and we’ll put together a custom set just for you.

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English (MS or HS)
English Exam #4 (50 questions, 10 questions on each of 5 different reading passages) $69
English Exam #3 (same format as #4) $69
English Exam #2 (60 questions, 10 questions on each of 6 different passages) $79
English Exam #1 (same format as #2) $79
HS Math Math Exam Set #3 (4 sets of 31 math problems each: each set has 3 problems on each of 5 different topics, 10 “team” problems and 2 three-problem “relay” sets) $99
Math Exam Set #2 (same format as #3) $99
Math Exam Set #1 (same format as #3) $99
Math Quizbowl Set #1 (200 quizbowl-style questions that can all be done in less than 30 seconds) $99
Social Studies (MS or HS)
Social Studies Quizbowl Set #1 (100 questions–social studies only) $49
Literature (MS or HS)
Literature Quizbowl Set #1 (100 questions–literature only) $49
Fine Arts (MS or HS)
Fine Arts Quizbowl Set #1 (100 questions–fine arts only) $49


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