High School JV

If you’ve ever tried a varsity quiz bowl set with a JV team, you know that the physics, advanced math, world literature and economics questions won’t be answered. Wouldn’t it be better for those kids to get easier questions? Of course –but you don’t have time to write them yourself (and you wouldn’t be paid extra either, right?)

That’s where we come in! Many vendors (including NAQT) write only for varsity level; we are one of the few that actually write junior varsity questions. We provide several leagues around the country with both a varsity set and a junior varsity set. The questions that everyone can answer, we leave in. But we replace the harder varsity questions in each round with things that freshmen and sophomores should know. Leagues that use us for both sets save money (and get better questions!) than if they use us for one and someone else for the other.

And if you’re just starting a high-school team (or your middle-school team is really good), using a JV set for practice is a great way to find the strengths and weaknesses in your team. See what we can do for you!

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