Kentucky High School Governor’s Cup

Though we are not officially affiliated in any way with the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition or their Governor’s Cup program, we do offer Governor’s Cup-style oral/Quick Recall rounds at both the junior-varsity and varsity levels, so you can order one or both at either level for your event!

(Note that many questions appear in both varsity and JV sets at the same event, so take care that varsity players aren’t reading for the JV events, etc.)

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(OK for league/tournament use)

Written Assessment Set #6 (50 written assessment questions on each of the 5 major subjects) $120
Set #5 (same format as above) $120
Set #4 (same format as above) $120
Set #3 (same format as above) $120
Set #2 (same format as above) $120
Set #1 (same format as above) $120

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