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Whatever your quiz bowl tastes (Scholastic Bowl, Science Bowl, Academic Bowl, History Bowl or anything else under the sun), Avery Enterprises provides the best in fun and challenging quiz bowl questions for your middle school students. We even offer a $99 tournament to help students in your area get started playing quizbowl!

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Alabama Kentucky National History Bee®/Bowl®
Georgia Michigan National Science Bowl
Illinois Missouri Weekly quizbowl subscription


Tournament #1 7 rounds of 20 tossups and 20 four-part bonuses $99


Worksheet Sets Worksheet Set #QG1 — 35 worksheets from QG’s “20 Questions” books $49
Worksheet Set #QG2 — 35 more worksheets from QG’s “20 Questions” books $49
Alphabet Set Alphabet Set #1 (15 rounds; each question in a round starts with the same letter) $59
Tossups Pyramid Tossup Set #1 (100 tossups) $39
Pyramid Tossup Set #2 (100 tossups) $39
Bonuses Four-Part Bonus Set #1 (60 four-part bonuses) $45
Two-Part Bonus Set #1 (80 two-part bonuses) $45
Lightning Rounds Set #1 (50 ten-question sets) $29
Set #QG1 (72 ten-question sets from QG’s “Rapid Fire” books) $49
Set #QG2 (72 more ten-question sets from QG’s “Rapid Fire” books) $49
Set #QG3 (72 more ten-question sets from QG’s “Rapid Fire” books) $49


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