Illinois /IESA Scholastic Bowl

We write the IESA State Scholastic Bowl Series!

First, order this year’s free IESA Scholastic Bowl sample questions.

Next, please *download, save* and *then** fill out our order form. Initial the Coach’s Commitments page at the end. **Save the form again at the end** to ensure the form contains your information (and is not blank). Then email it as the form instructs.

If emailing from a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account, check *all* spam/junk files for responses from us.

For credit card orders, **fill out the order form above FIRST.** Then use the PayPal cart below. The first line of the address should be the name and city of your school. **Ensure the e-mail address you give PayPal is where you want your materials emailed**.

You can also phone us at the number below with your credit card info. You can even use Venmo because of our PayPal affiliation.

To use a purchase order, put the PO # on your order form. Invoices will arrive with your materials by email; just drop the invoice off with your bookkeeper.


2018-19 IESA State Series games (11 games from last year’s state tournament) $60
Basic (middle school) Subscription Set (IESA format) (20 weeks, starting Oct. 2019; free with 16-game order. Now includes **60 lightning rounds**!) $119
Half-Subscription (10 weeks, starting Jan. 2020, free with orders of 8-15 games. Now includes **30 lightning rounds**!) $69


Please use the order form above **before ordering games below.**

If paying by credit card with the PayPal cart, the “quantity” comes up after clicking Add to Cart, so put the number you want there. **We still need your order form above** before we can send any games.

Please phone about your order only if your first game is less than a week from today–**and** only if you have sent us your order form.

2019-20 IESA Middle School Regular Season Games (up through 8th grade)
(24 tossups, 20 4-part bonuses) [Put your school name/city on the first line of the address]
2019-20 IESA Elementary School Regular Season Games (6th grade and below)
(24 tossups, 20 4-part bonuses) [Put your school name/city on the first line of the address]