Illinois /IESA Scholastic Bowl

Dear IESA Clients,

We have appreciated serving you these past 6 years.

However, as of July 1, 2022, we are no longer the official writer for the IESA State Scholastic Bowl Series.

The new State Series writer is Reinstein Quizbowl. Dave Reinstein is a longtime Illinois educator, successful Scholastic Bowl coach, and a good writer and person.

Because of a computer issue, we do not have the 2022 IESA State Series questions available. (With a new writer, questions from the old writer are less useful anyway. But you may contact the IESA office, and you can tell them that I authorize the set to be distributed for free if they still have it.)

As a courtesy to a new vendor, we ask that you contact Reinstein first for 2022-23 regular season questions before contacting us, especially if you typically order at least 12 games (as we now write far fewer IESA games than before).

If you have not heard from Reinstein and it is less than a week before your first game, you may contact us at that point, and if we have question sets your schools have not heard, we can email them to you without late fees. But you will need to *download, save* and *then** fill out our order form, initialing the Coach’s Commitments page at the end.

**Save the form again at the end** to ensure the form contains your information (and is not blank). Then email it as the form instructs. If emailing from a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account, check *all* spam/junk files for responses from us.

For credit card orders, **fill out the order form above FIRST** and email it to us as directed. Then use the PayPal cart below. The first line of the address should be the name and city of your school. **Ensure the e-mail address you give PayPal is where you want your materials emailed**.

You can also phone us at the number below with your credit card info. You can even use Venmo because of our PayPal affiliation.

To use a purchase order, put the PO # on your order form. Invoices will arrive with your materials by email; just drop the invoice off with your bookkeeper.


Basic (middle school) Subscription Set (16 weeks, starting Oct. 2022. Includes **48 lightning rounds**!) Note: this set’s format does not announce categories before each question and is 20/20 per set instead of 24/20. $79
Half-Subscription (8 weeks, starting Jan. 2023. Includes **24 lightning rounds**!) $49


Please use the order form above **before ordering games below.**

If paying by credit card with the PayPal cart, the “quantity” comes up after clicking Add to Cart, so put the number you want there. **We still need your order form above** before we can send any games.

Please phone about your order only only if you have questions about games unused from previous years, or if your first game is less than a week from today.

2022-23 IESA Middle School Regular Season Games (up through 8th grade)
(24 tossups, 20 4-part bonuses) [Put your school name/city on the first line of the address]
2022-23 IESA Elementary School Regular Season Games (6th grade and below)
(24 tossups, 20 4-part bonuses) [Put your school name/city on the first line of the address]