Technical Writing

When you’ve got a highly technical project near a major deadline, especially an R&D effort that might be patentable, English majors are just not enough.

You need a highly technical writer, an engineer who quickly learns your complex technology, writes for your highly technical audience, and gets done on time and on budget. (Because you forgot about documentation until the last second, right? Don’t worry; it’s our secret…)

With Avery Enterprises, you get both a better quality of tech writerand an extra temp engineer to note and fix lingering problems.

We quickly learn your software packages to get your job done. One past project involved a book on Visual Basic and 2 days to learn the language. After that, we got the software package and wrote a user manual for the client’s GUI. We included all the ways we found to crash the software (to tell users, “Don’t do this!”) The client had no idea how many problems the software had– until they read our manual. Then they were really happy they’d hired us–and kept us  for another week to test their software fixes.

Because we work directly with customers (without a temp agency as go-between), our fixed fee for a given project is comparable with the total fee charged by temp agencies who provide people by the hour–but your results will be an order of magnitude better than a temp agency can provide. We use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) and Adobe (Framemaker, Pagemaker, Illustrator, etc.), as well as Visio and Quark XPress. But if you have a software package we need to learn, bring it on! Our patent work is, by definition, cutting-edge, so we deal with new stuff literally all the time.

Here’s a sample technical document to look at.

We have an office with cable Internet (if your office space is full) and generally work remotely, especially since COVID. But we may be able to come onsite if needed and even bring a laptop (to avoid your internal IT morass). Either way, work is done quickly and quietly (and, honestly, isn’t your office crazy enough already?)