Middle School Science Bowl

After you’ve used all the practice questions from the Energy Department each year, where do you get more questions? Here! It’s hard to find practice questions in the “Energy” category anywhere else!

Use one (or more!) of our 14 practice tournaments to let the schools/teams in your area play real games before the day of the regional. Each school can pay a part of the cost and receive a copy of the set after the tournament. You can even let your local underprivileged schools play for free!

We have even reduced the price of our four “old” Science Bowl tournaments (without the Energy category) by 50% (and four other tournaments by 25%) to make it even easier for new schools to get started!

We now accept Venmo for payment because of our PayPal affiliation!

Order free sample National Science Bowl questions! (specify middle school)

Several of our longtime customers have finished in the top 10 at the National Middle School Science Bowl; one year, we had 3 of the top 12!

If you already have a PayPal account, use your credit card to buy any set below.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, call us with your card number ready and we will use our PayPal app to enter your information. We will e-mail you a receipt.


(each game is 25 tossups & 25 bonuses)

With Energy category

Middle School Tournament #14 NEW FOR 2021-22! $79
Middle School Tournament #13 $79
Middle School Tournament #12 $79
Middle School Tournament #11 $79
Middle School Tournament #10 $79
Middle School Tournament #9 $79
25% OFF! Middle School Tournaments #5 – #8 (16 games) $239

Without Energy category

50% OFF! Middle School Tournaments #1 – #4 (16 games) $159

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