How are your questions delivered to us?

We send everything by email, usually Word or PDF. Thus, no shipping charges. But we do need the email address you want things sent to.

How do I get free sample quizbowl questions?

Contact us with your grade level. By receiving samples, you “opt in” to our e-mail list that we use to advertise our products.

How do I buy old questions for practice?

Most sets on the website and in the catalog are practice questions, so look around! Contact us if you can’t find what you need.

What about gifted/talented materials?

Click here for more info.

How do I pay for retirement sale stuff?

To get the lower retirement-sale prices, use our website’s PayPal setup or send a check to our address on the “Contact Us” page along with our catalog order form listing what you want. You can also phone in an order if you have a credit card. You will receive a reimbursement receipt by e-mail.

Note that if you need to use a PO, you will pay our regular prices.

Tell me more about Avery Enterprises.

More info about Avery Enterprises is here