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If your top players remember every correct answer from their old quizbowl matches, then you need our quiz bowl subscription !

We e-mail you a link to our Dropbox account with the sets of questions for academic competition practice. Download each PDF file, use it in your practice for upcoming tournaments, mark it up, and give it out for study!

Sets include tossup questions, bonus questions, and lightning rounds (sets of 10 questions in 60 seconds). Each set contains enough questions for one quizbowl game for your high school students, middle school students, or both!

Let your quizbowl team play a standard quiz bowl game, divided into two teams (or multiple teams, if you have enough students and buzzers), without worrying that someone will remember old questions!

Questions not in your format for local tournaments can be used for warm-ups or speed checks.

NOTE: Questions begin after payment arrives here. You will (eventually) get all the questions you order, but if your school takes weeks to process a PO, use PayPal below (or by phone) and then take your e-mailed receipt to your bookkeepers to get reimbursed. (We regret asking this, but with so many subscribers, it’s necessary.)

To use a PO, e-mail us the PO #, and which subscription(s) you want. We email back an invoice with the PO # on it; just drop the invoice off with your bookkeeper.

As with other pages on our website, to get the lower prices in red below, you must use our online PayPal cart, phone us with your order and credit card number, or mail us a check with our catalog order form. Purchase orders, or other orders that require an invoice first, pay the higher price in strikethrough.

Subscription sets aren’t sent out until payment is here.

Each “Basic” set costs less than $5 for 20 tossups (with 3-5 on recent events) , 20 four-part bonuses and 3 lightning rounds.

Each “Advanced” set costs just over $6 for 24 tossups (with 4-6 on recent events), 24 three-part bonuses, and 4 lightning rounds.

The two sets overlap each week; thus, buying a year at one level allows you to buy the other set at a discount. But get only one set if everyone on your team always practices together.


“It’s great to have such an efficient system and I truly appreciate the customer service. You sure make it easy to do!” — Minnesota

“My teams really enjoy your questions. You provide a nice balance of current events, essential scholars bowl info, and fun trivia.” — Tennessee

“Everyone enjoys the “up-to-date-ness” of the questions and their challenging, yet not impossible format.” — New York

“Your questions were especially good at making my team faster on the buzzers.” — Illinois

“We won [our local TV series]. Much of our success was due to your fantastic questions!” — Florida

“These questions have been great. Kids at our place get very little in the classroom on current events; thanks for helping me out.” — Illinois

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(16 weeks)

Advanced Set (11th grade through college) $99
Basic Set (7th – 10th grade) $79
Combination Advanced + Basic Set Save 50% on the Basic set ! (note: sets overlap) $139


2022-23 Advanced Set (16 question sets) $99 $69
2022-23 Basic Set (16 question sets) $79 $49

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